Gol-darn-it! Seeking NICE Cuss Words!!

Ever notice how many times we accept something we previously rejected, merely because we’ve gotten used to it? Take swearing, for example. When I was growing up, I never heard my mother swear because she just didn’t.  Ergo, I didn’t. Neither did my brothers or sisters  – at least not without getting punished! Years have […]

Maiden Voyage

Last winter, Dave and I spent several weeks in Florida and the condo we rented had a hot tub.  I was thrilled, Dave got addicted, and so we decided to get a new hot tub of our own. The final hookup was done.  I wanted to hop in, but no, wait!  The store’s representative needed […]

Helping. Helper. Help!

Living long distance from the kids tends to make me worry.  I don’t know why, but I always have been and always will be a worrier – just ask my husband.  I especially worry about flying, but if that’s what it takes to see my families, then I suck it up and fly.   And once […]


Almost every month of the calendar year has an “awareness” label and sometimes more than one.   You may be “aware” that April is Autism Awareness Month.  But if you’re AWARE, do you really UNDERSTAND?  Just what is autism? Have you ever seen a child throw a super-wild tantrum in a store?  Have you ever thought […]


BLOG:  VACATION WARNING We just got back from a wonderful vacation.  Make that “fantastic.”  Or “best yet!”  Whichever of the many ways I could describe it, the point is that we loved it.  Who wouldn’t?  Perfect low 70s weather with sunshine almost every day.  Views of green and turquoise water so expressly beautiful that no […]

#RomanceWeek is Here

#RomanceWeek begins today, February 6 and runs through Valentine’s Day, February 14. My bookseller company, IPG, posed this question to me, and I want to know what YOU would answer: Who is your favorite couple in literature and why? That would have to be preppie Oliver and Jennifer, the young college lovers from Love Story […]