Smiles amidst the tears

Today is July 11 and from now on I will always think of it as the day we buried my dad.  He was 85 and had Alzheimer’s.  He’d lived a wonderful life, and his funeral was full of accolades from family and friends, and it actually was “fun” and filled with laughter at all the […]

Pranks Are for Kids

When I was 15 or 16, I was with a group of friends who went around one night and pulled a prank.  Janet, Colleen, Diana, Barb, me, Bruce, David and Doug all lived in the same neighborhood in a new (at that time) housing development.  Our prank consisted of teepee-ing a neighbor’s house one night […]


There’s an insurance commercial currently airing that many of you may have seen.  A carefree young man swears to his buddies “I’m never getting married.”  (He does.) The young husband tells his wife “We’re never having kids.” (Baby number 1 arrives.)  The young daddy in a downtown loft apartment says “We’re never moving.” (Cue the […]


My dad smoked a pipe when I was little.  I loved the smell of the tobacco and delighted in trying to catch the smoke rings he could blow. Even better was that his tobacco came from a beautifully-blue tin of Kentucky Club.  I don’t know why Dad liked that brand, but the only reason I […]

Christmas memories

  At no other time of the year am I so nostalgic as when Christmas rolls around.  Is it the music?  Possibly, especially because I remember when the music played only one to two weeks before Christmas, not one to two MONTHS!  Is it the food?  Oh, definitely. Gram’s fudge, peanut brittle, cookies… except I get nostalgic […]