We’re Not Sixteen Anymore

A Baby Boomer’s Adventures with Online Dating

You’ve seen ads for online dating on television, in newspapers, and (naturally_ on computer popups The models are cute, handsome, young or at least looking good for their age. But what REALLY happens when a computer semi-illiterate 60ish widow is prodded into this very 21st century form of dating – when the last time she dated was when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first men to walk on the moon? Getting back into dating makes her feel young; actual dating makes her realize she is NOT sixteen anymore.

What started out as entries on her Facebook page have expanded into detailed accounts of dating foibles and feats. Anyone who has embraced the concept of online dating, no matter at what age, will find her adventures laugh-out-loud funny and charming.

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"We're Not Sixteen Anymore" book cover


Seniors “no” We’re not Sixteen Anymore, and that’s real! Loved this book and you will too. It is a most delightful, enjoyable, and hilarious read. The author takes us through the wave of internet dating. Although there’s nothing funny about online dating, it can be nerve wrecking . . . identifying and eliminating the “Fakers.”

Thought the ending was a moment of beauty. Don’t underestimate the dating scene, there’s no telling where that love line will lead. Kudos, Becky Andersen ’cause I enjoyed the read!


Wise, heartwarming , and chockful of self- deprecating humor Becky Andersen takes her reader on a rollicking trip through the world of on-line dating. Need a laugh that helps you live through life’s lowest lows and hoped for highs? Then this is the book for you! Becky is a writer you wish you could chat with over lunch, coffee or wine. So much wisdom does she provide that I can only hope this book is the first of many. But share and look forward to more books from this wise and hilarious author.

-Nan St.Clair

Andersen was happily married for thirty-seven years. She was fifty-eight when her husband, aged fifty-seven died. They had two grown and married children. For the next few years, she contemplated a life of living alone. It was at a party for her sixtieth birthday, one in which 60s music was played and all attendees dressed in 60s attire, that she decided it was time to investigate what the twenty-first century had to offer the survivors of the twentieth century. Electronic dating might be the answer. If she had any doubt about the propriety or social acceptance of it, she could point to her parents. On a visit to their retirement home in Florida, Mom and Dad recommended online services for matchmaking.

-Ron K

What a fun read! Self-deprecatingly funny but clearly no shrinking violet, Becky Andersen spins a great yarn about her online dating foibles. Very relatable. Makes me wonder if I could parlay my neurotic idiosyncrasies into a witty, engaging memoir, too. Can’t wait to read more…


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