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"We're Not Sixteen Anymore" book cover

We’re Not Sixteen Anymore

A Baby Boomer’s Adventures with Online Dating

We’re Not Sixteen Anymore is a true, self-deprecating and humorous look at the ritual of dating online – senior style. If you’re up for a few laughs in your life, you’ll enjoy author Becky Andersen’s faux pas, foibles and feats.

A great, hilarious read! A funny, realistic look at dating during the mature years. I wish the book had been longer. I was sorry to see it end!

-Kindle Customer

"The Widsters" book cover

The Widsters

Widowed Sisters Discover Travel Therapy

The emotions of two widowed sisters range from raw to raucous as they travel aboard a bus trip in search of their elusive “new normal.” Andersen’s fictional characters’ trip is full of fun, angst, friendship and laughter.

Enjoyed reading about places in Iowa that the sisters visited, each stop brings new adventures. I would like to go visit those places now too.

-Karen M

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