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Becky Andersen
Becky Andersen

As a life-long lover of literature (and alliteration), it surprised Becky Andersen that she was afraid at first to try writing a book. After all, she was 60-something. Fixed income. Posterchild for the Computers for Dummies series…What business did she have trying to write a book?

Then she read something that turned out to be the impetus to becoming an author. It was a list of Late Bloomers who Became Successful and included such notables as Little House on the Prairie Books author Laura Ingalls Wilder (age 65), Artist Grandma Moses (78), Honolulu Marathon runner Gladys Burrill (age 92), and Restauranteur Ray Kroc of McDonald’s fame (age 59). Becky realized the thing they all had in common was that they became successful at something they loved to do, even though they were “older.”

Bingo! She threw aside her doubts, sat down at her laptop, stared at the screen – and realized the meaning of the words “writer’s block.” Perhaps it was the very dedicated high school English teacher or all those classes that required writing that she took during her years in college, but suddenly a voice popped into her head, commanding “Write What You Know!” After checking to make sure her beloved dog Ralphie was unable to suddenly speak English, she began writing what was freshest in her mind. It turned out to be a book about what she did NOT know – dating as a senior citizen. Her nonfiction novel We’re Not Sixteen Anymore was published by BQB Publishers, and she was hooked on writing.

She continued her theme of not knowing things by listening to fellow authors who happened to self-publish. Thanks to the help of some friends, she can check “self-publish a book, but never again!” off her bucket list. Still, her second novel, a fictional story of two widowed sisters, The Widsters, is now a reality.

Becky Andersen is a Baby Boomer, native Iowan, a graduate of Iowa State University, has two daughters, two sons-in-law, and five grandchildren. After surviving widowhood and her daughters’ attempts at match-making, she married her cyber sweetheart. She has happily expanded her heart and soul to include three more children and four more grandchildren. She and her husband love to travel, garden, read and entertain.

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