Becoming an author with my first book We’re Not Sixteen Anymore was not only a dream come true but an education as well. I had no idea how many people it takes to get a book created from the mind of one person to the shelves of a library or bookstore. It’s also so much fun to meet new friends through book signings, talks, and travels. I joined a writers’ group in Des Moines and there became fascinated about another facet of book writing and publishing: SELF-publishing.

“Oh, it’s easy!” “You get more money.”  “Everybody does it.” I heard these statements over and over again. And so when the idea of a story about a group of friends taking a road trip took shape, I toyed with the idea of learning about self-education.  I almost flunked.

Had the comments included that one needs to have a basic understanding of how a computer works, how much digital “paper” work is involved, and what acronyms as BISAC, eCO and too many others to list are, PLUS get it through my dyed blonde brain that I am considered the PUBLISHER, not the AUTHOR, I would never have attempted this. It’s far easier to let a real publisher handle the details and it’s comforting to know a real publisher knows the ins, outs and in-betweens of everything it takes to publish a book. Plus it still costs an arm and a leg – at least for me!

But The Widsters – Widowed Sisters Discover Travel Therapy is officially out now. I am not a “one and done” author anymore. I can honestly say I have multiple books. (Right? Can’t I? Please???)  The reviews are trickling in and so far, so good. This book is quite a bit longer than my first one, but it was fun to write, a bit cathartic for me as I remembered the up-and-down feelings I experienced during widowhood, and more than anything – I hope all readers end up glad they read it.

Happy reading, dear friends!

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