Is anyone else like me when it comes to buying something? If I see something I really like and want to buy, I do three things. First, there’s the standard decision of WWDD (What would David do?). Dave is my husband. More often than not, he would immediately nix the idea based on the fact that at our age, we don’t really need anything, and that said desired object costs money.

Second, after rolling my eyes that I’d even consider listening to my husband, I imagine how whatever I want – let’s say clothes – would look on me. At this point I decide that those clothes would be a great motivation to diet. Again. And I also think it might be time to clean out my closet to donate some clothing. See? This is a good thing, right?

Finally, I click on customer reviews. Reviews are great. Reviews and the ultimate “star” rating are pretty important. I’ve learned a lot about certain items before I’ve purchased them, and that has either swayed me to buy, or made me decide to continue hunting. Clothing that is perfect fitting-wise, the colors garner compliments, and the fabric is superb get a click to buy from me. Clothes that don’t last through several washings, that run either too large or too small, or that feel itchy get a “continue shopping on another site” choice from me.

Star Power is really a thing for me. Four or five star rating – YES! One or two stars – definitely NO. Three? Ummm, then it depends on how badly I want it, the price, and if the reviewers actually write a great review and just aren’t the kind of people who refuse to believe anything can be totally perfect or super bad.

Reviews also mean something to me personally. They can make or break sales of my books, but actually, that’s not a big deal. I mean, who am I, really? A James Patterson, Dan Brown, Delia Owens, Liane Moriarty, or Danielle Steel successful author? Nah! Just a person who wanted to capture a personal story that fortunately happened to be somewhat funny. It will never be a top ten best-seller. I’ll never be asked for an interview on a talk show. I’ll NEVER make mega bucks – and I’m truly okay with that.

I get pleasure, even validation, for writing We’re Not Sixteen Anymore and The Widsters when I read reviews from readers. These readers are all ages. They come from all over the world. (Once I made a comment in jest to my publisher when some reviews came in from the Philippines and Germany that I must be an international author. Surprisingly, humbling, she said, yes, I was indeed! Wow!) Almost all of the reviews of Not Sixteen remark that my story brought laughter to the reviewer. In a world where there’s been so much dissention, fear, and misery, you have no idea how thrilled I am to hear that. I am a firm believer that we all need a laugh once in a while.

So, in case you or someone you know is in the market to buy a book, here are a few of the latest reviews I’ve gotten off Amazon. Some purchases are e-book, paperback and audible. All, I realize, took some time to write, and for that, I’m grateful! Thanks!

We’re Not Sixteen Anymore Marie G.

“A delightful read”

August 10, 2021Format : Paperback | Verified PurchaseOne can really relate to the stories of the people she meets, not necessarily through a dating site. Each story left me with a smile.

We’re Not Sixteen Anymore Elizabeth S.

“Thoroughly Enjoyable”

July 29, 2021Format : Paperback | Verified PurchaseI have often wondered what dating as a senior citizen would look like. This book was both revealing and hilarious.

We’re Not Sixteen Anymore Christina K.

“I feel 16 after reading this book. I loved it! Thank you 💖”

July 28, 2021Format : Paperback | Verified PurchaseGreat book. Fun summer read for all of us 60 plus women who need a few tips about dating these days. It’s much different than it was at 16. Luckily I found my Knight in Shining Armor 6 years ago and couldn’t be happier. I enjoyed this book, it was very entertaining.

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