Today is July 11 and from now on I will always think of it as the day we buried my dad.  He was 85 and had Alzheimer’s.  He’d lived a wonderful life, and his funeral was full of accolades from family and friends, and it actually was “fun” and filled with laughter at all the funny stories that were told about him.  But I cried, and I hadn’t planned to.  I mean, for heaven’s sake, I’m sixty-four years old.  I’ve seen death before, and I’m acutely aware that NO ONE leaves this Earth alive.  After all, the only sure things are death and taxes, according to the very wise and very old cliche.  But I guess no matter how old you are, when a child loses a parent he or she loves dearly, it is sad.

But then something happened at the luncheon following the burial, and since it involved my book, I’m posting it on my webpage.  A woman came up to me to tell me she was going to order two more books  She loved my book because it made her laugh, she said.  And she was going to order one book for a friend who is battling cancer.  “I think she can use all the laughs she can get,” she explained.  And then she said something that touched my heart and made me smile.  “And the second book I’m going to give her to leave at the hospital.  I’m sure others there could use a laugh, too.”

I’m a “no-name” in the world of authors. I may never make a best seller list.  I probably will never win any sort of literary award.  But all of a sudden, I felt like I’d won an Oscar.  And I also felt my Dad would be very proud of me.  Laughing – and very proud!

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