The Widsters

Widowed Sisters Discover Travel Therapy

Widowed sisters (widsters) Cardi Cooper and Tuney Thompson, hope that a change of pace and the distraction of a bus tour will help them with their grief. However, they soon find out that their liberation from sorrow is as stop-and-go as the bus itinerary.

While exploring their home state of Iowa, the fun-loving, bickering baby-boomers make friends with an infectiously raucous group of four more widows. The Widsters get out of their comfort zones and into a few definitely uncomfortable escapades, and even meet a ghost. But, underlying each minute is their love for each other and the shared bond of widowhood.

Laughter, tears, plans for the future, and memories of the past are sprinkled abundantly throughout the trip. By the time they return home, they discover that traveling is inspiration, exhausting, and exhilarating, but will they find the healing they want and need?

The Widsters is compelling, engaging, and sure to provide readers of all ages a true-to-life glimpse into the lives of intrepid, young-at-heart women.

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Join these Widowed Sisters on their bus tour of the sights of Southeast Iowa. They discover the wonderful sights and history of this beautiful area while laughing and arguing their way new understandings. Becky Anderson’s second book once again will make you feel as if you are sitting across the table from her, enjoying your favorite beverage while she relates this newest tale of life, full of laughter, beautiful sights, and tears. This will spark your desire to travel the back roads, while pushing past the resistance of exploring your inner fears of change and loss. So get a comfy chair, a good drink, a box of tissues, and maybe even a couple friends to share reading aloud with you!


“The Widsters” was a very enjoyable read, mixed with a myriad of emotions as two sisters, reeling from the recent loss of their husbands, travel through southeast Iowa in an effort to find their new “peace.” You will laugh and you will cry as you travel along with these fun loving sisters and their amusing bus buddies. And more than likely, you will be enchantingly captivated by the many attractions the author eloquently articulates as they make their journey. Grab this book, a glass of wine, and don’t forget an Iowa road map, as this read may give you an irresistible urge to retrace Cardi and Tuney’s steps throughout southeast Iowa.

-Amazon Customer

I could not put “The Widsters” down once I started reading. Have been wanting to take a trip to South East Iowa area for a long time so now I have a good route after reading her book. Found the ghost issue interesting!! Also the blue pill episode was funny!!

-M. Kathleen Beaman

Enjoyed reading about places in Iowa that the sisters visited, each stop brings new adventures. I would like to go visit those places now too. Between the two them and their friends, they got into all sorts of antics.

-Karen M

Loved, loved, love the Widsters! Another fun read – and I learned so much about SE Iowa! Gotta tell ya though – I can really see this in a movie. Goldie Hawn playing Cardi and Diane Keaton playing Tuney!

-Via Phone Message

I LOVED your book! Here’s some of my observations: I also talk to my deceased spouse!; I like your very descriptive narrative; I enjoyed the history you gave the reader; I laughed at the Stirt story, I cried more than once when it brought back memories of (spouse). As a widow I related to so many of the situations you wrote about! All in all you’re a gifted author and I thoroughly enjoyed both of your books.

-Via Phone Message

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