What the heck is a “widster?” Good question. Simple answer: a widster is a widowed sister. Detailed answer: With over 11 million people in the USA alone who have lost a spouse, females being the majority, a widster is any one of a “sisterhood” of people who understand in ways no other person can the depth, breadth and amount of pain losing a beloved spouse can bring.

So is “The Widsters” a sad book? There are a few places in the book where when I – the author – read it, I shed tears. But it’s more of a story about two older siblings, both seeking a “new normal.”  They’re extremely close in age, bicker at each other, but seem to grasp the fact that their sibling is a stable component in their upset world. There’s humor, reminiscing, friendship, and snarkiness. You know. Normal people stuff!

Is there going to be a happy ending where one or both find new love? There’s a resolving of emotions, but new love so soon? Nah, gimme a break!  They need to find themselves first!

Where does this story take place?  On a bus! A tour bus. I’ve been on several tours before and the new sights, friends, and adventures made me feel happy and alive. Also, since I’m an Iowan, I chose to have The Widsters take place in the southeast part of Iowa. It’s beautiful! Did you know the inspiration for the painting American Gothic by artist Grant Woods is located there? Read about it in the book.

So how would you describe your book?  The back cover has a pretty good explanation:

Widowed sisters (widsters), Cardi Cooper and Tuney Thompson, hope that a change of pace and distraction of a bus tour will help them with their grief. However, they soon find out that their liberation from sorrow is as stop-and-go as the bus itinerary. 

While exploring their home state of Iowa, the fun-loving, bickering baby-boomers make friends with an infectiously raucous group of four more widows. The Widsters get out of their comfort zones and into a few uncomfortable escapades and even meet a ghost. But, underlying each minute is their love for each other and the shared bond of widowhood.

Laughter, tears, plans for the future, and memories of the past are sprinkled abundantly throughout the trip. By the time they return home, they discover that traveling is inspirational, exhausting, and exhilarating, but will they find the healing they want and need?

The Widsters is compelling, engaging, and sure to provide readers of all ages a true-to-life glimpse into the lives of intrepid, young-at-heart women.

Where can I get a copy of “The Widsters?”  It’s available on Amazon, Kindle, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, other online booksellers or your favorite bookstore.

Thanks for asking. And I would love to read your reviews on either Amazon, BookBub or Goodreads.  Enjoy reading!

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